What is cold brew?

Cold brew is a smoother, purer version of iced coffee that is set apart by its natural sweetness which is a product of the brewing process. This refreshing drink is a result of ground coffee beans being steeped in cold water for an extended period of time. Think of it like making a cup of tea - only this one tastes like a smooth iced coffee, and takes a day to make! 

Because of the great attention to detail in finding the right beans that work well for cold brew, ensuring that our ratios of coffee to water are right, and having each can get filled under a set of careful eyes, the resulting product tastes pretty darn good. In short, cold brew is characterized by its drastically less acidic taste than iced coffee, and this can be tasted immediately on the tongue. 

The good news is that we take the brunt of all the time required to enjoy a strong, eye-opening cold brew and leave you with a full-bodied, bright can of coffee goodness that can be enjoyed anywhere you go! SAH.OL is proud to ethically source all of its beans, and we believe that our can of cold brew tastes better for exactly that - we know what goes into our can, and we believe in the people that make it possible.