SAH.OL Cold Brew was born out of frustration stemming from the fact that a young college student had no attractive options for a healthy, grab-and-go cold brew that did not hurt his pocket. 

Modern day, ready-to-drink coffee is easily found in frappe-type offerings, packaged in clunky glass bottles, and doused in sugar. As a health-conscious individual with a burning passion for all things coffee, I collaborated with my family on how to go about fixing this issue through a more modern, innovative cold brew drink that can be used to power study sessions, give creatives the buzz they need to get on with their projects, and fuel athletes with the most natural boost of caffeine that tastes great (without the sugary guilt attached).

We are proud to say that SAH.OL Cold Brew is a dairy-free, sugar-free cold brew made with ethically sourced beans, packaged in a fully recyclable aluminium can. At SAH.OL, we believe in the power of community, and we strive to encourage that in all that we do. Whether it is knowing the names of the farmers who help to grow our coffee, or taking an extra minute to talk to a customer about what they love about our product, we aim to create a community-like feeling around our product.  

SAH.OL is very much a family business, and in our family, we keep our doors open to the public. Pictured from left to right is Rohan (the brains), Vashu (commander #1), Anita (commander #2), and Aman (the young college student).  


Our open door policy stretches far and wide. Whether it's an idea for where we can take our cold brew in the future, or a short message on Instagram telling us how much you love our product, we want to hear from you! We would love to get to know all of our followers and fans of our cold brew.


That's enough of us! In closing, we think that your favorite coffee tastes even better when you enjoy it with the people you care about most. That's why we encourage you to gather around a few people you love, crack open some cans of cold brew, and see where the conversation takes you!